1951 Warrior

In an attempt to enter the fray of AMA championship racing,
in 1950 Indian produced a 500-cc model called the Warrior,
and a higher-performance version called the Warrior TT.
The introduction of this model was also a disaster.
Twelve Warrior TT prototypes were entered at the Laconia road race in 1949,
and all 12 failed to finish. Although the Warrior TT that came into production
got high praise in the motorcycle press, it was too little and too late.
The reputation of the new product was damaged beyond repair,
and the company had no money for further development, advertising,
or public relations damage control.
In January 1950, the company came under the control of British investor and
motorcycle importer John Brockhouse, who showed more interest in
importing British motorcycles than in manufacturing Indians.
It has appeared previously in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

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